We all get battered and bruised on the rugby field, make no mistake about it. For a compact first aid kit with 80 items included, you never have to wonder where you left your tape etc. Have one kit in your bag for all your strapping and medical needs. Clean up bruises and scrapes, strap your ankles and most importantly, be prepared.

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With the MOLLE straps you can attach it to any bag and I even  use it when I cycle, as you can see on the right. 

As a special promotion to my fellow PWC rugby players, I'm offering this First Aid Kit at 10% off your entire order. $1 will be donated to Room to Read, my favorite charity that helps kids in developing countries become literate. All remaining profits will be sponsored to the club. You can share this coupon with friends and family, the more I sell the more the club gets. Maybe it's enough for a few kegs one Saturday afternoon? 

What do I get out of the deal? I get good traction on Amazon and hopefully some good word of mouth!

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Thanks guys, 

Janco (A.k.a Peach)